Terms & Conditions

    • Payment method:
      Paypal only.
      Paypal invoices can also be paid with credit cards.
    • I do not take Deviantart Points or eCheck.
      All prices are in $USD.
    • Commissions taxes will be included in the final amount in your invoice.
      T.P.S 5% (federal) and T.V.Q 9.975% (provincial)
    • Payment is done upfront.
      Complete payment must be done before I start working, no exception. Make sure you are Paypal-ready at the moment of asking for a commission slot. Your commission will only be added to my list once the full payment is made. You can see your position on the list at any time
    • Never send the payment yourself.
      I will be the one sending you an invoice. I can refuse your commission for multiple reasons.
    • We can discuss payment plans if your commission is over $200.
    • There can be extra fees to your commission if there are complex details or accessories (wings, armors, weapons, props, etc). What I consider “complex detail” is left to my discretion.
    • Prices are subject to change without notice.
      If you have already paid for a commission, it will not affect you for that commission.
      If you ask for a quote on a commission, the amount will be valid for a period of 3 months. Past that delay, you may ask for a new quote.

    • I will always send a preview of the sketch and wait for your confirmation before I work on the final product. Edits may only be done in the initial sketch. No edits will be made after the sketch part, so make sure that you like everything before saying I can go ahead with the rest of your artwork. Extra work means extra time spent drawing/redrawing your order, so there might be extra fees for any changes past that point.

    • By commissioning me, you agree to wait up to 2 months for your commission to be started.
      Don’t panic! It will usually take less time than that. Keep an eye on my commission queue to get a good preview of how loaded I am at a given time.
    • The final product of a commission is a full-resolution PNG digital file. You will get a watermarked and non-watermarked version in most cases. Emotes/Badges receive 4 different files (full-resolution and 3 sizes according to Twitch requirements).
      I do not give access to my PSD/PDF files. If you commission a speed paint video, you will also get a 1080p MP4 file.
      Remember that you are responsible for your files once they have been transferred to you as I do not keep them forever on my side for storage space reason
    • I can rush a commission if you need it completed by a certain date.
      Rushing fees are 50% of the price of your commission. Please ask beforehand if you need something rushed so I can see if it is possible.
    • Leave some room for artistic interpretation.
      I don’t mind strict orders, but make sure you are very clear and give me enough details if you want something very specific. I prefer reference pictures over text descriptions.
      Keep in mind that I have a personal art style so leave a place for my own interpretation too. I will always do my best to make your commission as perfect as possible and up to your taste, but I also need your cooperation. If there are any specific details I must not forget, make sure you tell me.
    • I am open to NSFW art, with certain limitations:
      I can do full nudity, but I do not draw fetishes or sexual scenes. Same goes for gore; I will not draw things that I judge too violent.
      If you want to know if your idea is too much, simply ask me.
    • I can create a speed painting video of your commission for a small extra.
      If you’d like to see the video process of your commission, I will gladly record it and mount it into a speed paint for you. Just tell me beforehand.
    • Do NOT try to guilt-trip me into getting free art or discounts.
      My prices are fixed. Keep in mind that I pay my bills and food with my work and exposure is not eatable.
    • Trying to scam me in any way, disrespecting me or my T&C will result in a permanent ban from all commission, adoptables, and transactions with me. If you cannot respect my T&C, don’t buy from me. The same goes if you cannot respect your payment plans.

    • As the artist and creator of my images, I retain the right to use WIP images, the finished or edited products as part of my portfolio, on social media, Patreon or as a design on merchandise in my online shop. If the character does not belong to me, the owner will be credited in the description.
    • I retain full rights to all my images; these commissions are for personal and non-commercial/monetary use unless stated otherwise before commissioning me (logos, shirt designs, emotes, etc).
    • No redistributing or reselling. All rights to the artworks I’ve made belong to me and you are not authorized to resell them or use them for any selling/monetary gain purposes. You may print yourself a personal version of an artwork you have commissioned me to do, but you cannot sell or make merchandise with them. If you wish to use my art for a commercial purpose (logo, merchandise, etc), ask me about royalty/licenses. Twitch Emotes/Badges have their royalties included.
    • The non-watermarked version is for personal and private use only and should never be shared online. If you wish to share a commission you got from me, please use the watermarked version (it’s a matter of safety for both you and me as prevention against art thieves).
    • All commissions are signed (exception: logos, emotes and badges).
      All speed paint videos include my personal banner at the bottom too. You are not allowed to remove/edit the signature or watermark from my images.
    • Please do not share my sketches and previews publicly (exception: emotes/badges for Twitch can be shared with viewers in order to get feedback).

    • You can get a refund as long as I haven’t started your commission yet.
      If I have already started, I can send a partial refund, which means you will get a refund for what I haven’t drawn yet only.
    • I am not responsible for rejected emotes or badges.
      I will not send refunds if your emote/badge is rejected. I do not mind slightly editing it to increase the chances of getting it approved, but I will not entirely redo them or give you a free new one in case of rejection. When commissioning me, make sure that your idea meets Twitch TOS or the terms of the website you are uploading it on.
    • Do not file a Paypal chargeback claim against me if you want a refund, talk to me directly instead.
      Chargebacks will result in you being blocked from any transactions from me, and you may be publicly called out for other artists to watch out.
      Any artwork made for you will be forfeited in case of chargebacks. That means all rights to my art will belong to me and I will be allowed to resell the pieces to new buyers.

    • A completed commission will most likely be displayed in my public gallery and on social media.
      I can delay a submission however if the art was purchased as a gift for someone and you would like to surprise them, so let me know ahead of time.
    • A commission may be worked on during my live streams on Twitch (you can even watch it being made and give feedback in real-time if needed!). If you’d rather not have your commission streamed, tell me beforehand and I will work on it offline only.
    • Any personal information is completely confidential.
      Under no circumstances I will reveal your private information publicly or to another person (Paypal or personal email, address, name, etc). If you have any concerns about this subject please don’t be shy to talk to me about it.